Our Team.

Aquaculture Direct provides exclusive consultancy services to and in support of the New Zealand aquaculture industry, Iwi, Government and local authorities.

Bruce Cardwell

Founder Director and CEO

Bruce has worked in the marine farming industry for 25 years, in various operational and managements roles, including establishing Aquaculture Direct Limited in 2010. He specialises in resource consenting, strategic planning, and value adding, especially around marine based nutraceutical products. Bruce is an Aquaculture Auditor holding Exemplar Global - Management Systems Auditor.

Graeme Coates

Founder, Director – Business Development

Graeme Coates has worked in the marine farming industry for 45 years, initially to establish the salmon farming industry in New Zealand and then as the Executive Officer of the Marine Farming Association. Graeme specialises in the management of large-scale multi-party marine farm sites and Chairs the Bay of Plenty Regional Aquaculture Organisation. Graeme is a Risk Assessment Advisor for AHL, a specialist aquaculture insurance broker working for Lloyds (London).

Rebecca Clarkson

Principal Advisor

Rebecca Clarkson has 20 years’ experience in a variety of roles within the aquaculture industry in New Zealand. Rebecca’s area of expertise includes regional and central government policy and planning, advocacy, environmental management and quality programmes. Through her formal qualifications and extensive industry knowledge and experience, Rebecca is well placed to provide clients with advice and advocacy on legislative and regional policy and planning matters.

Mark Gillard


Mark has worked in the marine farming industry for 44 years. Mark has extensive practical experience in salmon ocean ranching, freshwater hatchery, and net pen farming. Mark has experience in all aspects of salmon farming, as well as lodging plan changes and resource consent applications, dealing with Central and Local Government and advice on aquaculture to a wide range of stakeholders. Mark was previously employed by the New Zealand King Salmon Company Limited for over 35 years, chaired the New Zealand Salmon Farmers Association for over 17 years and was a founding director of Aquaculture New Zealand.

Joanne Taylor

Project Manager

Joanne has worked in the marine farming industry for over 15 years. Joanne’s roles in the industry has included project management, farm and contract management. Joanne has been fundamental in developing and managing the Marine Farming Association’s Environmental Committee and the associated strategic, monitoring, reporting and operational activities of the Committee. Joanne’s current role also includes resource consent renewal and extension applications for independent marine farmers and management of multi-party marine farm sites.

Dr Glenn Vile

Glenn has an extensive record of commercialising New Zealand’s fantastic array of raw materials. He has 14 years of academic research experience, both in New Zealand and in Switzerland, during which he published numerous peer reviewed science papers and developed an in-depth understanding of the health benefits of natural bioactive products. Glenn has the capability to assist companies who are looking to develop and take to market innovative health ingredients and finished products supported by science. Glenn sees huge potential for New Zealand products in the global market because of our reputation for quality and our array of unique indigenous species.

The Directors and Associates are professional and practical people with extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand aquaculture industry.